Product Introduction

Equipment for car inspection
Equipment for car inspection Car inspection, officially referred to as “vehicle / automobile inspection,” is for the government to check automobiles’ conformance to safety standards at regular periods, such as whether automobiles are safe or if the exhaust gas regulation is cleared. We produce and sell testers and car inspection systems to implement safe and accurate car inspection systems in the forms approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
Lift for automobile maintenance
Lift for automobile maintenance Various automobile maintenance work, from vehicle inspection to heavy maintenance, requires a lift for automobile maintenance. We produce and sell lifts for maintenance of various vehicles, from passenger cars to large trucks.
Washing equipment
Washing equipment Washing equipment that is used for washing vehicles and other things is a machine that breaks down and removes dirt by pressurizing warm or cold water, using a high-pressure pump, and jetting water from a spray nozzle. Being environmentally friendly, we produce and sell washing equipment with energy conservation design.
Wheel service equipment
Wheel service equipment An automobile’s footwork is supported by its tires and wheels. These tires and wheels are quickly and safety assembled by a tire changer, while accurate balancing work is done by a wheel balance. We sell wheel service equipment that responds to new vehicle technologies such as for run-flat tires.
Body maintenance equipment
Body maintenance equipment Body maintenance equipment is used to restore a vehicle that has been damaged or dented due to carelessness or an accident, to the original condition. We sell three-dimensional measurement systems that support body measurement work and environmentally friendly water-based paint-compatible equipment.
Automobile recycling equipment
Automobile recycling equipment Since application of the Vehicle Recycle Law starting in January 2005, automobile recycling equipment has been attracting attention. We develop and sell equipment that promotes active recycling and proper disposal of used vehicles.

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