Product Introduction

Tire assembling system
Tire assembling system This system, which automatically assembles tires and wheels, can handle a wide range from highly rigid tires to temporary tires. It can handle a variety of automobiles, from light cars to large trucks. We also provide carries around equipment and systems for balance measurement processes. This system has high performance with actual records of high speed processing and safety, contributing to energy and labor conservation.
Fluid vacuum charging system
Fluid vacuum charging system This system vacuum-charges brake fluid and coolant into vehicle brakes, clutch systems, cooling systems, etc., and it also conducts testing on system air tightness, thus contributing to quality improvement of respective systems. This system is effective in conserving labor and cost reduction. Full automation by using a general-purpose robot is also possible.
Tester systems
Tester systems Wheel alignment and side slip testers, free roller testers, brake testers, headlight testers, and other testers, for various inspections and adjustment of vehicle running systems. We provide safe, secure and high-performance products based on many years’ experience and know-how cultivated through joint development with our customers.