Altia Co., LTD President, Chairman

Masayuki Satoh, Kazuhiko Toida

ALTIA Co., Ltd. is a specialized producer and has a consistent ability of automobile-related equipment, which plans, develops, manufactures, sells, construction work and after-service automobile maintenance equipment, automobile production equipment, and power system products on a nationwide scale. As for automobile maintenance equipment, we visit customers’service workshops. For automobile production equipment,
we visit customers’production factories. And for power system products, we visit large commercial establishments and hospitals, suggesting products from their viewpoints.

Regarding our foundation, we continue since the establishment of a business of 1937 and are engaged in a automobile-related business. Altia Hashimoto Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 through a merger of ALTIA Co., Ltd., an automobile accessories and related equipment trading company, and Hashimoto Forming Industry Co., Ltd., an automobile parts manufacturer. In 2007, our group companies were reorganized, and AltiaHashimoto’s automobile-related equipment division absorbed Orion Techno Co., Ltd., a production-related company, being born again as ALTIA Co., Ltd., a specialized producer of automobile-related equipment.

We will make daily efforts aiming “to provide valuable, cutting-edge products and services, and to contribute to the realization of a beautiful and prosperous automotive society,” which is our management philosophy. We look forward to your continued support.